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Sitemap Writer help create sitemap for your website. 

It crawl the root/home page of your website and pick-up all the anchor (<a>) tag in your site. Sitemap writer uses recursion to iterate the complete website and its linked pages.

The project is in the initial stage and currently planned to go a long way. Current version ( help generate Standard sitemap. I will be including Bing, Google and other sitemap formats.

I hope this will help you in some or the other way :)

Following features are available in the latest (v1.2) of Generate Sitemap tool.

  1. Support for Google sitemap syntax, e.g. Sitemap tag for Image, Video. Also Description and Title tag for Image.
  2. Flexible design of Sitemap objects and internals.
  3. Support of Sitemap Image, Sitemap Video and Sitemap Description and other attributes.
  4. Writing Sitemap to ApplicationData folder.
  5. Indentation of Sitemap tags and attributes.
  6. Sitemap viewer and showing sitemap.xml in browser.

You can also find some useful information on techblogster.

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